Faculty Spotlight: Molong Li

molongHow long have you been at the VA/what was your path to getting here?
I got my first taste of California in college and I had been meaning to come back ever since. When I finished training in 2018, I finally found an opportunity to do so and joined the hospitalist group at the VA. I'm very grateful to have found such an amazing group of colleagues to work with.

What you you love about working at the VA/hospital medicine group?
There is a true sense of mission at the VA. Our veterans have all made sacrifices for our country and this is not lost on anyone working at the VA. We are all there to do our small part in providing the care that our vets so deserve.

What are you involved with outside of clinical care?
I work for a healthcare technology company called Grand Rounds. We aim to improve the experience of our members throughout the entire healthcare journey and get them to high quality care. My role is to help my colleagues make informed and data-driven decisions when faced with ambiguous and complex problems.

What do you do in your free time outside of the hospital?
I'm an aspiring mountain man and love heading up to the sierras whenever I can. You'll find me climbing up a rock face, chasing fresh powder, or just finding solitude in the backcountry.

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