Faculty Spotlight: Ariana Hosseini

arianaHow long have you been at the VA/what was your path to getting here?
I did all my training in Sacramento at UC Davis. While in residency, I had lots of clinical time at the Mather VA, which is where I really fell in love with the patient population and the VA health system. I also concurrently fell in love with a wonderful guy who was still finishing up residency in the Bay Area! When I visited the SF VA to interview, I fell deeply in love. I remember walking onto the campus and just feeling “right”. It also helped that everyone was extremely nice and the view wasn’t half bad! Thankfully, I was offered a position as a hospitalist and never looked back. It’s been a year and a half and I’m still so incredibly happy to be here!

What you you love about working at the VA/hospital medicine group?
The SF VA, and our hospitalist group specifically, is a very special community. Our group cares deeply about serving our population and about our hospital as a whole. Every single person strives to do their best and you can really tell! It creates a culture of kindness, happiness and fulfillment that you can feel when you walk into any room. I also think our hospitalists are at the backbone of this culture of integrity and collegiality here at the SF VA. If there’s a problem that someone doesn’t know how to fix, a project they want to start or if they just need to talk, they call us and we’re always here to support them. That is what I love about our group!

What are you involved with outside of clinical care?
I have a special interest in quality improvement processes, patient safety and utilization management. I lead a number of QI/Patient Safety Projects and serve on committees dedicated to improving the quality of our care, examining errors and ensuring we adhere to best practices. I am also really passionate about teaching these principles to our UCSF trainees. In the last year I have become very involved in increasing resident engagement in quality improvement processes and became the Co-Director for our VA based Quality Rotation, which has been successful in laying some great foundations for increasing our dedication to safety culture.  

What do you do in your free time outside of the hospital?
I am an avid and voracious reader. I love almost any genre and will try reading anything once! I especially love reading books that have or will be adapted to films because my husband and I love watching movies together!

In my free time I try to keep busy with lots of hiking, yoga/pilates and barre. Recently, I’ve taken to baking and my new favorite recipe are home made cinnamon rolls - made from scratch!

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