Michael Hurley, MD, MS

Assistant Professor

I am an Assistant Clinical Professor working at the San Francisco VA Medical Center as a hospitalist. I attended medical school at Stanford University where I also received my Master's degree in Clinical Epidemiology. I completed my internship and internal medicine residency training at UCSF. My research interests include health economics, health services research, and the investigation of physician and organizational behavior.
06/2019 - Internal Medicine, UCSF
MD, 06/2016 - , Stanford University
MS, 06/2012 - Clinical Epidemiology, Stanford University
BS, 06/2010 - Materials Engineering, Public Policy, MIT
  1. Geographic variation in surgical outcomes and cost between the United States and Japan.
  2. Forecasting Trends in Disability in a Super-Aging Society: Adapting the Future Elderly Model to Japan.
  3. Adding insult to injury: discontinuous insurance following spine trauma.
  4. Characterizing the relationship between free drug samples and prescription patterns for acne vulgaris and rosacea.
  5. Estimating the risk of chronic kidney disease after nephrectomy.
  6. Differential regulation of myeloid leukemias by the bone marrow microenvironment.
  7. Cost-effectiveness of preoperative imaging for appendicitis after indeterminate ultrasonography in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.
  8. Comorbidities and kidney transplant evaluation in the elderly.
  9. Supine exercise echocardiographic measures of systolic and diastolic function in children.
  10. Altitude and the risk of cardiovascular events in incident US dialysis patients.