Lauren Lederle, MD

Clinical Fellow

Lauren Lederle is a current hospitalist at the San Francisco VA medical center, where she is in the Division of Hospital Medicine. In addition to attending on the teaching service, and clinical work on the faculty service, she works in the Veteran's Integrated Preoperative Clinic which assists in evaluating and optimizing complex orthopedic surgery patients prior to surgery.

She is involved in research projects with Dr. Sei Lee focusing on the treatment of diabetes in nursing home patients.

Her areas of interest include Geriatric Medicine, models of care delivery for older adults and diabetes management in complex older patients.
06/2018 - , UCSF Internal Medicine Residency, UC Primary Care
MD, 05/2015 - , UCSF School of Medicine
BA, 05/2009 - Neuroscience, Pomona College
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